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November 23, 2007 02:06 PM

Categories: Televisions and Projectors

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Jeff T.

Joined: 11/23/2007

I have the much talked about blinking reset light problem. I have a WS55513 Model. Could you please send me the instructions for replacing the CAPS? Please send to: jstquix@comcast.net

Thank You very much!

Jeff T.

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February 5, 2009 5:29 PM

Hi same here, blinking green light on ws-55513. Please send help!!! Thank you so much! P.S. shouldn't Mitsubishi have done a recall? Every single one of these has done this by the looks of things. Don't get it. adamstriz@hotmail.com

February 11, 2009 6:50 PM updated: February 11, 2009 6:58 PM

Larry, I dont know for sure if I have the same problem as the others here. I dont recall seeing any flashing lights other than the ones in my head when my 2 year old 55" died. Had a friend at the time worked on tvs who relaced some caps . Worked good for 2 years then died again. Please send me the fix too. Thank you. Mike smutpup@wctel.net

February 20, 2009 7:45 AM

Larry, I'm yet another frustrated owner of a Mitsubishi WS-55513 with the blinking light problem. I guess I'm lucky in that I haven't been resetting the TV as others have. Would you please send me the repair instructions so I can see if I can make this thing work without forking out the big bucks. Thanks so much! Paul tapir123@yahoo.com

February 20, 2009 5:57 PM

You can get detailed instructions off this site. They are in the articles section. Type in Mitsubishi repair in the search box and you should get it. I think it was the first one that popped up. It's three pages and perfect. It is for a different tv but it's a Mit. WS and the guts are just the same as the 55513. Few less screws and some of the wires you have to loosen might be different. Use a ground strap so you don't make this $5 problem into a serious one. Good luck, worked for me.

March 16, 2009 6:57 AM

So I replaced the capacitors and now when I plug the tv in, I get a ticking noise and the green light still blinks. I have tested the fuses on the board and they seem to all give feedback. Ideas? And helpw ould be appreciated!

April 2, 2009 5:34 PM

Please send the same documentation for a Mits ws-55513 with the same no power / blinking light problem - thanks, seats21@gmail.com

View unverified member's comment - posted by stupidtv

April 4, 2009 8:17 PM updated: April 4, 2009 8:22 PM

There are instructions right here on techlore. Open the articles section and type in " mitsubishi repair " in the search box. The first article that comes up is how to fix this problem. It is for a different model mitsubishi but I used it to fix my ws-55513. Same parts and everything, once you get into it you'll see. That article is the only thing I needed to fix my tv besides parts and a solder iron. My total cost for my 55513 was $12. Buy 35v 1000uf 105o capacitors,grab a screwdriver and get ready to watch tv!...as far as any other problems go I can't help. I'm not an electrician, I'm actually a car guy so until I have another problem with mine all I know how to do is replace these capacitors. Good Luck

April 5, 2009 10:40 PM

Please email the fix instructions to mribay16@yahoo.com. I have the WS-55513 model with the green blinking light. Thanks.

View unverified member's comment - posted by Tomcat35

May 2, 2009 7:20 PM

I have a blinking problem with my mitsubichi WS55313, it does not power on, the green light goes on and then off after 2 or 3 seconds, can I fix it myself?

May 2, 2009 7:27 PM

Can you email me the instructions too, mine has a problem just like that
my email is raulcastroa@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

May 9, 2009 11:25 PM

Can anybody help me with same problem on my ws55513. Power LED blinks all the time and would not reset at all. Any help greatly appreciated...
Here is my email. dvav1469@yahoo.com

View unverified member's comment - posted by Ryan86

June 10, 2009 12:14 PM

Sir Larry Dillon...God of all Repairs.

I am a recent victim of the WS 55513 blinking timer light due to a power surge. Could you be so kind and send me a copy of the repair procedures.....I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time....John Curtis

June 10, 2009 5:09 PM

sorry Larry..I guess an e-mail address would help....johncurtis@mchsi.com
Again, sorry and thank you for your time and info!!! John

June 11, 2009 8:35 PM

Larry Dillon said: Check and double check all of the cables and plugs and make sure they are not pulled out a little bit. I have seen this happen a hundred times, and even when I have done work on a TV set this has happened. That is why i ALWAYS, before plugging in a set, go over all of the cables and plugs by hand to make sure they are all seated into their sockets all the way.

Mr. Dillon,

I too have the flashing timer green LED on my Mitsubishi WS-55513.  My wife was changing the desired input (TV was on and everything was fine), then the unit began acting as if the software / firmware was messing up.  She tuned the TV off and now it will not respond.  All we have if the flashing LED.....

I have checked all cables.

Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.

Mike Brown

Salem, VA

June 11, 2009 9:44 PM

Mike still need an E_MAIL ADDRESS!!

"Those who do not know their opponent's arguments, do not completely understand their own".**For complete TV repair kits including parts goto www.TvRepairKits.com

June 12, 2009 12:57 PM

Mr. Dillon,

As requested, my e-mail address is Pontiacfan455@comcast.net.

Note: I left my TV on all night, and when I awoke, the flashing light had stopped flashing (after at least flashing for four (4) hours yesterday). It is working just fine now........

As a precaution, please send instructions on what I should check if this WS-55513 acts up again.

Thanks for responding, and have a great weekend.

Mike Brown

June 19, 2009 2:10 PM


Good Afternoon and Happy Friday! I just received your kit and it looks like the Capacitors are OK. There are no bulges on the tops...could they still be bad? I did notice however that there are other capacitors (3 in total)in the set that have a yellowish glue/caulking in appearance type substance that seemed to come out of the top of the capacitors and run down the side...does this mean anything? Did they rupture, is this some type of factory insulation????? I have no idea...lol I have pics of everything....let me know if you want me to send them to you. Didn't want to start removing good capacitors...thought it best to consult with you first....Thanks again as always for your time. john curtis

June 20, 2009 2:31 AM

if you could send me a digital photo that would be the best!! send to techman32k@yahoo.com thanks!!

"Those who do not know their opponent's arguments, do not completely understand their own".**For complete TV repair kits including parts goto www.TvRepairKits.com

June 20, 2009 2:33 AM

john yes the old caps do not have to look bad to be bad please follow the direction and reolace all of the caps wioth the ones provided

"Those who do not know their opponent's arguments, do not completely understand their own".**For complete TV repair kits including parts goto www.TvRepairKits.com

June 23, 2009 5:49 PM


Installed new caps per instruction and still I am getting the blinking green light. Also, pulled the DM and re-installed per instructions...same result. Do you send installation instructions for rest of kit? Is that the next step?Thanks for your time and info...John

June 23, 2009 7:44 PM

did you check the surface mounted fuses inside the DM, they are mounted on the solder side of the board. GOOD luck

"Those who do not know their opponent's arguments, do not completely understand their own".**For complete TV repair kits including parts goto www.TvRepairKits.com

June 23, 2009 8:50 PM

I have the same problem.. The caps were bulged when I took them out and replaced them and still get the blinking light. I checked the fuses with a multimeter on the opposite side of th eboard and they all registered.... what would be the next step?

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