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TechLore 'Ask The Experts'

Our Ask The Experts feature allows you to ask your questions directly to our Community Experts.

  • Does your device have a feature that you're not sure how to use or what it does?
  • Did a salesman tell you something that you don't think is true?
  • Do you need connection or hookup advice?

All are great reasons to ask the TechLore Experts, and they're here to help.

TechLore experts receive hundreds of questions a month, so not all questions will be answered. Before you submit your question to the experts, you should fisrt post it in the TechLore Community Forums and wait for a response. Questions posted to the forums are available for all TechLore members to answer, so they are often answered faster.

Read the Ask the Experts FAQ | Submit your question to the TechLore Experts!

The following questions will NOT be answered in the Ask The Experts column:

  • Questions regarding broken devices, or those asking for a repair quote. Often, these questions require 2-way dialogue to help or resolve the problem. If you wish to submit questions of this nature, please do so in the TechLore Community Forums or by using our Live Support feature powered by JustAnswer.com.
  • TechLore values the safety of its members, so any question asking how to service your television or other device will not be answered by our experts.
  • Questions asking for instructions to hack electronic devices, unlock cell phones, duplicate copy-protected works, or other activities of questionable legality are not accepted.
  • Vague questions, or any question that is written in an unreadable manner, will be ignored. Remember, real people read these, and they can't help you if they can't understand what you are trying to say. :-)

Tips to get the most out of TechLore's Experts:

  • When asking questions about a particular CE device, try to include as much information as you can, like the brand name and model number. (eg. Sony DVD Player DVP-NS975V) Remember, the more specific you are, the more likely your question will be answered.
  • To check and see if your question has been responded to by an Expert, check the recent postings to the Ask the Experts columnRemember:  your question will not be answered via email or the private message system.
  • Please take the time to browse and search the site before submitting your question. Many questions have already been answered by our experts or in the forums. Our experts will not answer the same question twice.
  • Though our experts will try their best to respond to as many questions as possible, not all questions submitted will be answered. If you are seeking immediate help and guaranteed response, please use our Live Support feature powered by JustAnswers.com

Click the link below to send the experts a question. Questions that are answered by a TechLore Expert will appear in the Ask The Experts column. Check frequently to see if your question is answered!


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