Mitsubishi WS-65611

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Mitsubishi WS-65611

I bought a new system and had the guy from Best Buy my old TV into the garage where it sat for a week , when I had someone who wanted to buy it however I could not get it to turn on all I got was a blinking green light .. I tryed the reset several times and tried all the solutions that was in the owners guide. It worked find before it was moved the garage .now none of the controls work on either of the panel or the remote control ..any one with a solution will be very welcomed.. My email is  Thanks

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You need to have the DM board

You need to have the DM board repaired. Do a Google search for Mitsubishi DM module repair and you'll find more information on the repair.

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I have a WS-65611 set that is

I have a WS-65611 set that is out of the chasis. Got a new LCD, I have been trying to sell on Craigslist (Working DM module and all other electronics work, as of 11/1/2009) , but only get offers of trade. I live in San Diego and need to get rid of this equipment.

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Anybody out there? I need to

Anybody out there? I need to get rid of my WS-65611 parts chassis and working DM module. If want let me know. You need to pay for shipping.


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