March 10, 2010 12:36 AM

If the crt's are stable-light up ok not pulsing, and the coolant fluid is clean- clear not dirty, you can adjust mechanical focus(lens) and electrical focus and grey scale(focus block) by eye, and get very close to perfect.

Put user menu contrast brightness colortemp tint etc settings dead center, fire up a b&w dvd and freeze frame on a contrasty frame that shows full white to black range and greys, and set all 3 tubes to similar level. Cover 2 tubes and set 1 at a time, switch to motion, look at all 3 at the same time, play with it for best results.

Switch over to a color dvd for final balance. Use a movie scene that you know exactly what the colors should be and check the greens, blues, reds, whites, blacks, trust your eye. Get a second opinion.

The lower you keep the screen voltages, the cooler the tubes will run.

Mitsubishi WS-55513, Philips 55pp9352/17