Phillips DVD player has problem spinning disc initially

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Phillips DVD player has problem spinning disc initially

My phillips DVD player has problems spinning the disc initially, usually in order to fix my problems I do an observatin of "what it did before it was broken" and "what it does now" and from that alone I can deduce the problem area and what part needs to be fixed that isn't working right.. Unfortunately, I never got to see the "what it did before it was broken" part because I could not see what was going on inside my dvd player. This is where I need the experts in this community help. I load the disc and it just has trouble starting to spin the disc, I'd love to just oil, tweak, tighten of fix some small piece inside the dvd player to make it spin again, I just don't know what to fix. This video shows the noise it makes when it can't spin the disc (it sounds like it is trying to spin the disc), and it shows the "broken" behavior I was talking about.

 Sometimes it starts spinning then just fine, and at other times it does not. Other than buying a new dvd player, what can I do to fix this problem? 


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Anyone? I came to this

Anyone? I came to this website because of a google advertisement saying that this is the premiere place for help with consumer electronics. So is it really? Not a single reply! :(

 If there is a better forum to take my question, let me know, so I can take my question there.

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More than likely, the disc is

More than likely, the disc is not being read.  Try cleaning the lens with a cotton swab and alcohol.  If the unit does not detect a disc, it won't spin.  I couldn't see the AV posting you had, but what you are most likely hearing is the optics attempting to read the disc.

Keep us posted.


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I cleaned the lens still has

I cleaned the lens still has trouble to spin the disc initially, someone told me I need to increase the current to the lens, give it more power or something...

I have no idea how to do this.. I took some pictures of the motherboard..laser, maybe you could edit these pictures and draw the position where I can do this (with MS Paint). Just right click pictures and press save as to download them. 



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There is an adjustment

There is an adjustment available on the optics assembly itself that controls laser power. This adjustment is meant for calibration purposes at the factory. Adjusting this will buy you at most a few months. The optics are failing. It is time to replace the unit. A replacement optics assembly is available as well. If you post the model number, I'll find the part number and cost for you. Dan

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I have the same DVD player

I have the same DVD player with the same problem. If you take the cover off and manually start the disk spinning clockwise, does the player then operate as normal. It has worked for me, but I am still trying to figure out how to make the player do the manual finger-start for me. Any tips?

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you can also check the wire

you can also check the wire strip that goes to the laser at the part of it that is always moving from the laser moving.
you can check by pushing on the wire strip when trying to load a disc( without a disc in this test ). then see if the laser acts different when the door closes and it checks for a dvd, if it just sits there with the laser on or acts up or acts right when pushing on the wire strip or you can do a continuity test on the wire strip to see if there is a bad connection thru it
you can also slide the laser back and see if it comes right back to its start point, or pauses , or will not move, which can also indicate a bad wire strip

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Need help finding replacement

Need help finding replacement optics for dp100mw8b. My player is also doing same thing. Thanks


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