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We were wondering the same
We were wondering the same thing - same thing happening with our TV - could you please send us the instructions? I am good at soldering and could probably fix it  email address is
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My blinking timer light is
My blinking timer light is flashing green, can someone please email me how to fix it,
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Can't do it myself with the
Can't do it myself with the soter, any professionals in LA YOU RECOMMEND 
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I'm having the same problem. 
I'm having the same problem with the blinking timer light.  I have been able to use the surge protector to turn on and off.  This just started happening when I disconnected the DirectTV receiver and stopped using that remote.  Can I get the repair instructions sent to
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WD-65831 tv here doing the
WD-65831 tv here doing the same thing. Was working fine. The timer green light would blink on starting the tv then it would work fine. Was playing xbox one on it about an hr ago when the screen and all went out and the green timer light started blinking. Larry could I get you to email me the instructions as well.  thanks 
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I have a Mitsubishi WD65737
I have a Mitsubishi WD65737 that has a green blinking indicator light for approximately 15 seconds followed by the Mitsubishi electronics screen coming up for about 15 seconds then tv shuts off. I recently replaced the bulb and it worked great afterwards.  I have tried the reset process via the owners manual but this has no effect. I have unplugged it from the wall outlet and surge protector for overnight and still no change in the result.   Any help would be appreciated.   Clint    
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Regarding post "I have a
Regarding post "I have a Mitbushi WD65737" above, I was able to solve the problem myself and wanted to post it here to help anyone who is having the same issue. After checking the error code that my TV generated after it shut down, it yielded the code of 12. This code indicates that nothing is wrong with the hardware of the TV. Hence it had to be a software problem. The Mitsubishi website has a section that explains how to download new software to a USB drive and install it on your tv. Very easy to do and after I followed the procedure they outlned, my TV works normally again. 
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Not sure if my first message
Not sure if my first message posted.  I have a WS-65711 with the dreaded blinking green light after a power surge.  would appreciate it if you could send me the file with instructions as to how to fix it to
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Hi, my name is Joe. This
Hi, my name is Joe. This message is 4 Larry Dillon. Or to whom ever can help me. I noticed u were helping others with their situations with thier tv's. I was hoping to get your help also. I have a Mitsubishi WD-65833 Diamond Series with a code 34 (lamp abnormality) exept i know for sure the lamp is good. It could be that the ballast is no good but i dont know that for sure. When I turn the tv on it stay on for about a minute then turns off. The picture and sound are fine until it shuts off. Then the fans run for a while after that. I'm gonna assume they stay on b/c the bulb has to cool down. So i just let them run. I noticed you had mentioned that it could be some bad capacitors. Also that they can look in good condition even tho they are not. Anyway,...I was wondering if you can email me the instructions as to how to go about fixing this tv and R&R'ing all the capacitors and/or whatever else needs to be replaced. I appreciate your help if you can.   Thank you in advance. I can sure use the help. Also i can help out other people with the same problem if  you are willing to help me.. My email (s) are....   kkruzito2013 @ yahoo .com                                  kkruzito2013 @ gmail .com
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LARRY DILLON...PLEASE HELP!!!   I'm not sure if last post got posted so again can you plz help me Mits WD-65833 turns off after a minute. Can I also get the Instructions as to how to fix my tv...thanks in advance.. You can send instructions to:
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Hey Larry I know this is a
Hey Larry I know this is a super old post. Hopefully you will still see this. I'm having the same issue as everyone else. I'm excited to break out the old iron and give this a whirl. Is there a chance you could send me the same Info to Thank you in advance!
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we have a mitsubishi ws-65315
we have a mitsubishi ws-65315 (2004) and code  23 will blink.  the tv first turned itself off.   after turning back on it turned itself off after 15 minutes.  The screen seemed to shake and then blink half way and then blinked almost whole pic off.  when looking at the boards.. we noticed that one of the 16v capacitors had leaked.  Noticed in other post that there is a fix for this with soldering new ones.  Would like to get that repair info and where to get these capacitors.  Husband had knowledge of soldering with small electonics.  Thanks



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