November 15, 2006 11:36 AM

It sounds like to me you have a power supply regulation problem, if the sound and the picture goes off at the same time.  Could be the regulator itself, a bad capacitor.  If the set is only a year old, It is for sure worth getting it looked at by a servicer. Have you tryed to watch a program on a channel?  It could also be a problem now that I think a minute, in the convergence panel or the audio output.  Without looking at it its a crap shoot my friend.  if you have any servicing experience, you should get a schematic and go from there.  if you do not, a TV set is not the place to be experiementing inside of, so please, play it safe, and call in a trianed tech to assist you in this repair. Good Luck, and please get back to us and let us all know how you made out with the repair, as maybe it will help out someone else.

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