June 5, 2006 1:46 PM

That's really strange. Two different members posting a similar question at the same time. Perhaps the two of you were hit by the same storm.

You could investigate the boards of each TV as long as you want, but the fact remains that most TVs fried this way are not worth repairing. It's doubtful that a simple fuse replacement would do anything. Fuses are great at cutting off electrical circuits when amperage or voltage exceeds the fuses rating, but unfortunately, they don't stop catastrophic surges in power.  My best advice to you is to look at possible compensation from your homeowner's insurance, and see if they will cover the damage. It may be your best option for getting a new replacement TV.

If your insurance won't cover it, you may be forced to foot this bill on your own. But, before you throw it all out, take all affected devices to a service center for an estimate. It's possible that your TV can be fixed for less than the replacement cost. I wouldn't say it's likely, but it is possible.

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it turns out.