June 2, 2006 5:44 PM

Hi Mike Ah if everything was so simple, life would be great. I understand your plight and fully sympathise with you but although everything may appear to be there and nothing loose servicing televisions is a refined art...it is almost like painting...you have to have a vision of what is wrong and with experience to know what too look for. I have answered else where that first you must be aware of the dangers of looking inside the rear cover of a television...the warning label is not there for another to rip you off with a huge repair bill although there are unscrupolous people out there who will. Unless you have any electrical experience then the best bet is to take it to the repair shop and get a quote but select one that you feel is honest and certainly reputable. Going for a dealer is normally the most expensive (and not necessarily the best) option, while chosing from the local rag can lead to the rip off merchants. If you have the necessary experience and knowledge of the dangers in repairing any electrical or electronic equipment then I will only be to glad to help. Bernard