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Red light blinking-Panasonic TH-42PD50U

Need urgent help as was planning a Super Bowl party and my TV went dead.

I accidentally hit the power button on/off very quickly. Screen went dead and red light on lower left blinks 10 tims w/3 second pause. This happened a week ago and apparently corrected itself, as this must be some safety device for the TV. This happened again last night and nothing I do gets the TV back on. I have unplugged power, waited, etc. Left if off last night and still have the problem today.

I went online and found a tech manual for another Panasonic model (different from mine) and is showed flashing red lights as diagnostic tools, but it only went up to 6 blinks (mine does 10).

Any suggestions to help me get back operational for the Super Bowl would be appreciated.

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Hi There,I read another site

Hi There,

I read another site that the guys young daughter did the same thing and it could have blown a fuse and or a small cheap transistor or resistor on the main board...Sorry, but you may need repair service man...Doing it yourself could be dangerous and cause more damage even to yourself!


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AWAHOO, My 26 month old

My 26 month old Panasonic CT-32HC43G quit working. I unplugged the power to reset the factory settings. When I plugged it in and hit the power button there was some quick clicking (like a solenoid that was hunting) and it stopped. Now the power indicator light flashes 6 times and stops and repeats. Can you tell me where you found the tech manual online? I just need to know what the 6 blinks is telling me. Thanks, Chris

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Sorry. I tried to locate

Sorry. I tried to locate where I found this but could not. I thought it was on the Panasonic web site.

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Thanks for the effort. It is

Thanks for the effort. It is going to aggravate me to have to spend 200.00 to fix this TV. I know it is a 35.00 part.

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I hope it's only $35.00. My

I hope it's only $35.00. My original 10 blinking lights meant a $72.00 circuit board. When that was replaced, there was a voltage drop, and then the second part was $372.00 and on backorder for 6-8 weeks. How would you like to have a $2000+ new plasma TV to go bad after 46 days, then have to wait that long. Panasonic and Best Buy warranty suck!

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OOOOUCH. I bought this Panny

OOOOUCH. I bought this Panny at WalMart. If it were not 26 months hold I would have brought it back. Maybe i should just scrap it.

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I have a DMTECH 17IN TV that has a blinking red light reading all this about other blinking lights I'll be off to repairer tommorrow unless I can fix it myself.

 Any suggestions?? its about four years old and has been ok up to now.

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mjjc said: Hi, I have a

mjjc said: Hi, I have a DMTECH 17IN TV that has a blinking red light reading all this about other blinking lights I'll be off to repairer tommorrow unless I can fix it myself.  Any suggestions?? its about four years old and has been ok up to now.

have sorted this now this morning i switched on and it was ok must have been gremlins

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I just had the same issue on

I just had the same issue on a 42 TH-C42FD18. I called Panasonic, returned the TV and had the same problem again. 10 blinks and no tv. Called again and had them do a little more investigation. They are telling me that its the cable box. Basically some cable boxes and computers maintain a 3v state upon shutdown and causes the Panasonic to think there is an issue. Works fine on my Sony though. Anyway, they said if you have a

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I recently had my Panasonic

I recently had my Panasonic TC-P50G15 blow a board. My wife was watching and the screen "flickered green" and then turned off. I had the tv plugged directly into the wall (I know, I know...) and it was about 40 days old. I'm not sure if it was a power surge (some construction in my neighborhood) or just a bad board. I bought it online, so returning it would have cost a fortune, so I just worked with Panasonic. They sent a regional technician out to assess the damage (he concludes that, yes, it is broken, and counted the number of power-light blinks). They called panasonic to see which part corresponds to the number of blinks, and ordered the parts. A different guy came back about a week later to install it. Overall it was really frustrating, but the service (from both panasonic and Electronics Service Center in the DC Metro area) was really good. You just have to be patient. I guess thats the price you have to pay when you dont buy from a big-box store. I now have all of my stuff running through a line conditioner/voltage regulator (same thing). Look on amazon or newegg - I found the APC LE1200 for about $50, which is cheaper than a "good" surge protector, and does a much better job

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I've got a 46pz80u, purchased

I've got a 46pz80u, purchased May 2009. TV is great, but we noticed that if you turn the TV off, then back on rapidly before hearing the solenoid-ish click. I had it serviced via warranty, they replaced two boards on the unit and it still behaves the same way.

The TV works fine as long as you wait for the click after turning it off --- I'm just concerned about issues after the warranty expires. I will probably call Panasonic again and get it serviced + replaced if necessary. Maybe this time I will suggest replacing the power supply.

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I have a Panasonic TH-42PZ80U

I have a Panasonic TH-42PZ80U plasma HD TV. Its been only 1 year & 9 months since I bought it from Sears. I am having the same problem. Once I switch off the TV and restart it will not and the red light on the left bottom near the start switch will start to blink. I would unplug and try to restart, but it not start. I would do it again and sometimes it may start.
I don't know what to do or whom to contact. Please advice.

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I had this happen this

I had this happen this morning; I didnÂ’t count the lights as I had just woke up and wanted to turn the news on. When I saw the red light trying to tell me something i went to the TV held the power button until I heard the relay click again released the button counted to 10 SLOWLY and pressed the power button and boom picture and sound. Just an FWI the 10 second power/reset button is on most modern devices for those who donÂ’t know...

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I have had the same issue.

I have had the same issue. Bad power board on a Panasonic plasma just over a year old. (and just out of warranty.) While the technical issues a clearly a problem, my concern is poor customer service. I encourage you to come add your thoughts to mine on the Panasonic fan page on facebook and maybe we can get a response from Panasonic.

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After reading djb's email I

After reading djb's email I've decided to call into Panasonic for another service for my 10 blinking lights after turning TV off then back on. The TV is out of warranty in a week, concerned about the power board going out post-warranty.

Panasonic customer service was good about quickly scheduling a service call, will report back when the unit is serviced this Thursday AM.

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Hey JesseBrew, let me know

Hey JesseBrew, let me know how it goes. I literally just had the 10 blinks happen to my tv tonight when I tried to turn it back on. Let me know what they say 10 blinks means and what the repair costs for out of warranty. Mines a TH-46PZ85U

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No problem, service

No problem, service appointment is moved to Friday morning. I spoke with the service folks and they mentioned ordering a power board and another board (maybe a C board). These were the same boards they replaced before, so either one of the replacement parts was defective or there's something else going on.

Either way will report back w/ repair estimates, mine is a TH-46PZ80U.

Just came across this tonight, scary stuff -

Really hope Panasonic decides to stand behind their products.

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Yea well i will join the

Yea well i will join the crowd, just had 50

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Update on my TH-46PZ80U:

Update on my TH-46PZ80U: Tech came over Friday and replaced the main board + power board (~$400 in parts but this was covered by my warranty). After replacing the boards the TV wouldn't start, only displaying 10 blinks.

The tech worked with Panasonic support and determined the replacement power board was faulty, so he put back the power board and left the replacement main board installed. The TV seems to be working now, even turning it on / off but I HAVE to wait about a minute to cycle power.

I'm concerned about the longevity of the TV, happy to have a 2yr warranty through CostCo.

Good luck out there folks. =/

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Just experienced "10 blinking

Just experienced "10 blinking red power light" problem. Panasonic plasma TH-42PZ700U. Have owned it for 2 years and 2 months, it's outside of warranty and I didn't get an extended warranty. TV was working fine on Friday night, and then was stuck on 10 blinks on Saturday morning.

Called Panasonic plasma concierge, and they said the fix would be covered by the warranty, despite its expiration. They arranged for a local shop to send two repairmen the following Thursday, and the guys did a great job - replaced the entire SC board in 12 minutes, then made a software update using a memory stick at the port on the front of the TV. They said that they see this problem fairly often. With the new board and firmware update, they said the problem shouldn't happen again.

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My Panasonic TH50pz80u died

My Panasonic TH50pz80u died after 13 months. It will cost 1,000 to repair. Boards A and D failed. A class law suit is a good idea. Connect to this blog:

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wolfnwendy said: Winston.

wolfnwendy said: Winston. Can you please contact me about how they got your TV fixed. Did you find out any info on what it was being covered by. My TV is doing the 10 flashes and I just got told to pay for an evaluation so I know how much it will cost to fix but that I am out of luck.

I'm not sure why they made the coverage decision that they did.  I simply called the Plasma Concierge number, and they set up the repair appointment through a local repair service.  I asked about the warranty, and they said they were covering this problem despite my warranty having expired.

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I just bought Panasonic TC

I just bought Panasonic TC-P50U2 plasma TV. I plugged it in and nothing but three hard clicks (made think that there was a possibility of thing going up in smoke) and then the flashing red light...12 flashes. It took me 20 minutes to get a rep on the phone (perhaps because everyone's calling about their TVs breaking randomly) just so that they could tell me that I'd have to have a technician come out and look at the set and that the best day they could give me was Wednesday (today's Sunday) between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. I have a job and don't have time to take off work to have someone "look" at my TV to tell me what's wrong so that they can go back and order parts and make me take more time off work...this is ridiculous. IT'S A BRAND NEW TV!!! How does this happen? I didn't see all of this negative stuff on Panasonic, either, when researching the TV, until I knew what problem I should be looking up...UGH!!! This is so frustrating. I'm sitting here looking at a 50" paper weight :(

The only good part is that, obviously, its still under warranty, so I shouldn't be out of pocket anything except my time (hopefully, my boss won't dock my pay for the time off).

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Same problem here. Power

Same problem here. Power light flashes 10 times and the set will not come on. It has taken Best Buy 33 days to diagnose the problem order the part and schedule a return visit for installation. The frustrating part is that Best Buy does not stock a $50 part that is known to fail.

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I have had 2 panasonic tube

I have had 2 panasonic tube tvs go bad in this way. The first was older 27, this one is a 32, and it was plugged into a power surge conditioner unit. Fool me one shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I will never buy another panasonic tv again. Period. I feel for everyone that has had this issue. I will not buy a sony tv either. When I was a young man, I seen how many trinitron tvs go to service. You live and learn. Expensive lesson for me though.

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On 17 Jan 2011 our 65" TC

On 17 Jan 2011 our 65" TC-P65S2 Panasonic screen went black. We heard a pop and that was the end of our TV. I called it in for repair and the service technician had me press I think it was the power button and ask me to count the blinking lights. There were 7 blinks. They sent out a technician and they said they needed to order a board. After a few internet searches I find this has been a known issue for several years. It's a shame that the sales person didn't bother to tell us there were problems with Panasonic Plasma TVs. We paid over $2,000 for this TV on Oct 20 2010 and in less than 3 months it blew up. My husband called HH Gregg and they said we will just have to wait for parts... The TV wasn't 3 months old. I would like to get a replacement and will never buy another Panasonic. It's now Feb 3 and were still waiting on parts. The service department told us the part would be here by the middle of last week. We called and they said the part was in transit and would be here this week. We called again yesterday and they said they will need to research further and will contact us today. No one called. My husband called them and they now say the part is on backorder. So they lied. Does anyone know of a way to get HH Gregg to replace this TV. Isn't there a lemon law? Do we have any recourse?

Wayne 61
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I have a Panasonic 42" plasma

I have a Panasonic 42" plasma that has just given me the "blinking red light of death". Authorize service tech has stated that I need a new power supply to begin with. Not sure where this will end up. He stated that it will take between 2 days and 2 weeks to get this part. My TV is 3 years old and out of warranty so it appears that I'm stuck with the bill. Good to know that I'm not alone.

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TH-50PZ80U. 10 blinks have

TH-50PZ80U. 10 blinks have occurred periodically over the two years I've owned it. Unplugging to reset has previously worked. However, I left for three days (tv off) and came back to find 10 blinks when I tried to turn the Panasonic on. It now has died, with nothing more than the blinking light. Panasonic referred me to an electronics technician, but at my expense. After reading everone's issues, it would be more waste of money.

Over two grand worth of television to last only two years, and it hasn't even worked all that time. I'm in for the class-action suit if anyone knows where it's consolidating.

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Just in case this helps

Just in case this helps anybody!

I had the "2 blinking red power light" problem on the Panasonic TH-50PZ81 (I believe it is a variant of the TH-50PZ80 with the addition of a satellite tuner). After looking into the cost of a service engineer I decided to look into it myself as I have an electronics background. The 'unofficial' service manuals that are online state that the 2 blink problem is due to the 15V SOS line and I performed the following checks: Check that there is no short between the 15V line and the GND plane, which there wasn't; Check that there is 15V supply and there was (however I was getting 16V+ before the TV power-up cycle shut down). After which, the service manual states that you should replace the D board, a board that can detect if the 15V line is present. I was suspicious and rightly so.

The P Board (boards in the 50" case) have 3 large capacitors in the top left-hand corner, marked 900uF 220V. These capacitors seem to be the cause of many problems in this TV model as they are only rated for 2000 hours mean time to failure, which seems crazy. Granted they are on the 'cold' side of the board, likely over specified, and therefore have a longer mean time to failure.

Anyway, the solution to my problem was to replace this 'P' board. I bought a second-hand board from ( and installed it myself. It was straightforward enough. Everything is now working and the total cost was < $100. My advice for fixing the "2 blink" problem would be to first check for a short (using a continuity meter) across the 15V line with GND (i.e. any metal part on the TV) and if there is no short buy a new 'P' (Power) board. If there is a short start disconnecting each board until the short goes away and the last board you disconnect is the one that is malfunctioning. Good luck! Derek.

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Im shure it will help plenty

Im shure it will help plenty of people here.Thank you for the info.


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