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See Ya Firefox, I'm Switching Back to Internet Explorer


Yep. You read that right. I know, everywhere else you're reading that Firefox is soooo much better, and that people are switching to it in droves. For me that was three years ago, but now I'm going back.

I'll admit that I don't rag on Microsoft anywhere near as much as other people do. I just don't hate them merely because they're big and control the majority marketshare of desktop and notebooks PCs worldwide, nor do I despise them because Mac people say I should.

That doesn't mean I "love" everything Microsoft does or every product they make. For example, one thing I didn't like was Internet Explorer, which (at the time I originally switched to Firefox) had stagnated at version 6 for quite some time. And I didn't look back... even when Microsoft (finally) added things like tabbed browsing in IE 7. I was happy with Firefox, and though I've used IE for various things over the past few years, it's never been my browser of choice... until today.

I'm doing something I never thought I'd do.... I'm switching back to Internet Explorer. More specifically, Internet Explorer 8.

I'm doing it for one reason, crash recovery. Not 30 minutes ago I lost about 2.5 hours of work because another tab I had open crashed, and as is the case with Firefox, means everything goes down. 

I know, I know. "Yada yada, save your work. Yada, yada it's my fault." Fine, I should have saved what I was doing when I had to switch over to that other tab and attend to something else. You're right, I probably should have had less tabs open. I get it. Still, why on earth does one tab have to bring down every other thing I have open? Why can't I close and restart a single tab?

It looks like Microsoft heard this one before, because a new part of Internet Explorer 8 is a new approach to crash recovery. Most importantly (to me anyway), is that IE 8 supposedly runs tabs in their own process (or tries to depending on your system's performance). This means that if a tab crashes in IE8, it shouldn't affect every other tab open. 

I'll even be the first to admit that this isn't a 'mission critical' feature for basic web surfing; it's not like you can't navigate back to whatever page you were looking at. However, anyone that is writing on the web (and since it seems like everyone has a blog these days, so that's quite a lot of people), it sure sucks when your post is lost because you loaded up a funny video in another tab.

So, if it works like they claim, I won't be going back to Firefox... at least until they can match this one feature. Who knows, maybe not even then. I tend to stick with whatever is working, even if it has some things that annoy me.

If it doesn't work, then back to Firefox I go, because at least it doesn't make that annoying click sound every time I hit a link. 

(Expect my next blog entry to be "Things about IE that still drive me crazy.")

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May 3, 2009 8:51 PM

Seriously, I think I'm going to give IE8 a fair shot on my netbook. I used it for a little while and it seemed great, and the allure of each tab running as a separate process is definitely pretty shiny. I wonder which, if any, Mac browsers are capable of this.

I'm very curious to hear the follow up as to whether your experience was better or worse, faster, slower, etc. I have a feeling it will be pretty positive, I heard a lot of good things about it when it was released.

Peter Redmer
Blog | Twitter

May 13, 2009 11:26 PM

I'm making the switch back as well... IE 8 will import favorites just fine to aid the transition... I just wish it would import passwords as well.

May 14, 2009 4:10 PM

trekker said: I'm making the switch back as well... IE 8 will import favorites just fine to aid the transition... I just wish it would import passwords as well.
Yeah, that would make it easier. It's been a pain typing in all my passwords again.

June 13, 2009 4:21 PM

IE 8 is great. I had the opposite reaction...tried firefox and and my IE7 was so missed my computer refused to work with the "other" browser....so I reluctantly went back to my IE that teased me back with promises of being better so I upgraded to IE 8......and the new experience has been good so far.

View unverified member's comment - posted by ozzybex

January 11, 2011 10:45 AM

jumpyjack said: Theres no way I'm ever going back to IE! I have pretty good experiences with recovering crashed tabs, etc in firefox. With the nice add-ons that I use, IE isn't really an option anymore.

I could recover crashed tabs in Firefox, but I'd lose whatever work I had in them. It was a huge issue for me. I did find a few extensions to help with that, but I didn't have a lot of luck with them.

Still, I wouldn't completely hate on IE. Since I wrote this, I stayed with IE for a while longer, but ended up using Chrome for a while to try it out, had a brief love affair with Opera, and couldn't ever really ditch Firefox completely (although I still don't use it for anything super critical since I still find it crash prone. The only thing I didn't like about IE8 was the speed; it was pretty slow most of the time.

Today I'm using the IE9 Beta a lot. If you haven't used it yet, I recommend you give it a spin. It's ultra fast, renders well, and is super stable for a beta release. True, Firefox has some great extentions, and I'll fire it up for certain tasks that need them.

In the end, I find I use a variety of browsers depending on what I'm doing. I wouldn't dismiss IE out of hand though, it's getting better and better with every release.

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