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Watts Up? .net Internet Enabled Power Meter

Not only can you tell what it costs to run an appliance now with a Watts Up? device, but the device provides Internet enabled power switching and data access!

The Watts Up? .net stores 6,500 data points in non-volatile memory, which can be retrieved even if power is lost. The sample rate resolution increases over time, beginning at one second (sample rate equals total time divided by 1000), so years of usage can be accurately recorded. The included USB cable allows data to be quickly downloaded to a PC where the software creates a data table and easily manipulated graphs. The data can also be exported in a comma-delimited format to popular spreadsheet programs for further analysis.

Accuracy is of the displayed value, not the range. Some devices claim a smaller number for accuracy but it refers to the range. For instance, a specification of 0.2% of the range sounds good, but it is actually 3.6% of the display (.02 * 1800 = 3.6), which is a worse accuracy.

Now you can determine what it costs to run the electric water heater, energy-efficient refrigerator or any plug-in appliance. Just plug an appliance into The Watts Up? .net, and it will instantly start measuring electricity thousands of times a second and displays that information in true dollars and cents. With all the same features as the Watts Up? Pro ES, the Watts Up? .net takes things a step further by giving you access to data via the built in web server and also offers internet enabled power switching. Track up to 18 different electrical values in real time, with peak readings that capture surges and a duty cycle that identifies how often loads are running. This product is ideal for remote monitoring of appliances gives you the power to actively reduce power consumption during peak times.

Suggested Price: $235.95

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