September 9, 2008 5:20 PM updated: September 9, 2008 5:29 PM

Register me as an underwhelmed Apple fan.

I do think the new iPod nano looks like an awesome product.  Accelerometer support is sweet and I like the form factor.  iPod classic line expansion is cool as well.

Now for the less than exciting news.  We'll kick off with the Genius feature.  I don't need to rediscover my library.  I already have it organized by genre and already have custom playlists.  Apple is merely giving you a second-rate Pandora for your music library... that they will in turn use to their advantage in marketing products (hence why information on your library is stored in Apple's "cloud") and also... this is the worst... "recommend" music in the iTMS based on what you like.

I have stated many times before I do not like the iTMS due to its marraige with DRM.  Naughty, naughty Apple.  Right now, let's say that I do not have Genius enabled, especially since I think it has been designed to benefit shareholders more than customers.

Second, iTunes 8 is not a big deal.  I don't know what's going on under the hood - there could be a lot of improvements that we don't see - but I'll say that it worked just fine before.  The new visualizer is pretty sweet, but I'm not exactly going to sit in front of it for hours or anything. 

The Grid view is a waste.  It's slow, cumbersome, and does not display a whole lot of information.  It's not "cool."  I still have iTunes in standard, information providing list view.

All in all, what's really disappointing is that the most exciting thing is the iPhone firmware update... which fixes crap that should never have been a problem in the first place... like dropped calls.  Maybe it will help enhance my often-poor EDGE connection, which I swear used to be much more reliable than it is now.  Sigh.

I love you Apple, but sometimes, you let me down.  Here's hoping the next product announcement is more interesting and compelling to devoted Apple users... can you say "Apple netbook?"

Edit:  I forgot to mention how absolutely ludicrous the concept of Apple challenging Nintendo et. al.  Yes, the iPhone is a compelling platform for gaming, but I'm thinking MMO's or similar types of games that do not require a D-pad or more precise control.  Not a replacement for my DS.  They'd have to really rally third party support, too.  I think they'll have a really hard time following up with this "threat," but if they do, I'll be listening.  On a side note, Apple tried gaming before, and they didn't fare so well...

Peter Redmer
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