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How To Get Started With Your New Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch) (Page 1 of 4)

From the glossy front glass, silky smooth to the touch, to the gently curved back, all the way to the crystal clear colorful screen, the iPhone inspires gadget lust in typical Apple fashion.  Perhaps you're going to be one of the lucky ones receiving this wonder of technology as a gift for the holidays this year. 

One thing about the iPhone is certain; while it's a simple device to use, the sheer quantity of functions, apps, and features can be overwhelming.  As a long time iPhone owner, and someone who has fully integrated it with my personal and professional life, I'd like to guide you through some of the most important (and fun) ways to get started with using your new gadget. (Note: many if not most of these tips will also work for the iPod Touch.)

Step 1: Activate and Get Syncing Set Up

One of the first things you'll want to do is get your iPhone set up to sync to your PC or Mac.  This is essential for transferring music, videos, and photos - as well as enabling you to transfer over email account and contact information.

When the iPhone is connected to your PC, you'll see it pop up in the sidebar on the left in iTunes (yep, iTunes is required.)  You may need to activate the phone; just follow the instructions given to you by Apple or your cellphone provider. 

Afterwards, click on the phone and you'll see the sync panel pop up with all the various options you will need.  You navigate through the sync panel via the tabs at the top.

Once activated, you can flip through the syncing panels to set up the options you like.  You can choose from a variety of services, including your Mac Address Book, Google, or Yahoo Contacts.

You can also sync your calendars, notes taken with the iPhone Notes app, bookmarks with Safari, and Mail accounts.  For your first sync, you may want to choose the "replace information on iPhone" options that you will see at the bottom of the panel.

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