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My CD Player Put Me on Hold!

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


I have a portable Sony CD player (D-EJ119), and when I press play the LCD screen just flashes the word hold. Nothing happens, and I can't hear any music. Any ideas?

-submitted by nell


Fortunately for you, this kind of hold is not the same kind that occurs when you call a customer service line for assistance. You know, the kind where you have to listen to subtly soothing, yet highly irritating music while you impatiently wait for someone to tell you they're going to transfer you to another department, only discover that you'll be on hold for another 10 minutes and transferred two more times before being told you can't be helped because the only person in the whole company who could help you works in a hermetically sealed glass bubble at the bottom of the ocean who can't be directly reached by phone, fax, or e-mail. That's right, your kind of hold is a quick and easy fix.

Most portable media devices have a small switch on the side or rear of the unit that's marked "hold", and can be put in either an on or off position. This switch activates a feature that's very similar to a keyguard on a cellular telephone. When engaged, the device will not respond to any button presses or commands.

When it comes to portable media players the hold function is actually a very useful feature. Oftentimes, you may select a song and put the CD player in purse or bag to listen while on the go. Without a hold feature, there's nothing to stop other objects rubbing up against the CD player from accidentally pressing random buttons while you listen. The hold feature is also useful for when the player is off. Engaging the hold function before transporting the player ensures that it won't be accidentally turned on while in transit.

It may be a little inconvenient having to remember to turn on and off the hold switch before operating the player, but it's better than having your player change tracks on you in the middle of a song, or discovering that your batteries are dead because the player was on for twelve hours in your purse while at work.

Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com

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