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My PS2 Will Not Read the Disc

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


My son's Playstation 2 was working fine last night. He just got it, and this morning it is saying the disc could not be read. I have tried some of the fixes posted on the site, but it's still not working.

- submitted by MICHELLE38


By your description of the problem, it would seem your son's Playstation 2 is exhibiting the notorios "Disc Read Error" problem. This problem is unfortuantely common enough that Sony is currently involved in a class action lawsuit regarding this error.

Considering that the unit is brand new, I would pack it back up and exchange the unit at the place of purchase. If the gift was from someone else, I would ask them for the reciept so you can exchange it. If it is not possible to exchange, new PS2 units are still under warranty (they cannot be used or refurbished units), and can be sent to Sony for repair.

For others that may have this problem with an older unit, there may be legal recourse available. Visit www.ps2settlement.com to find out if you are elegible for compensation under terms of the settlement agreement.

Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com

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