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Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Fifty Bucks or Less

There's nothing harder than holiday shopping on a budget, especially when you're shopping for someone that loves cool gadgets. Gadget shopping on a budget is so tough that most of us take the easy way out and just pick up a gift card at a local electronics store. And while gift cards are nice, it doesn't have the same flair as actually handing over a cool gadget.

Who says you can't give a great tech gift when shopping on a budget? Here are 10 great gadgets, with an MSRP of 50 bucks or less, that any tech-lover would love to have for the holidays.

PNY Multi-slot Flash Reader - $25
So many of your friends and family are still using proprietary camera connectors and software to move images from their camera to a PC. This $25 dollar gift makes digital photography 10 times easier, and supports most major kinds of flash memory cards.

Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset - $49
This Wireless headset makes a great gift for anyone with a Bluetooth enabled phone. It's light-weight, has a great battery life, and fits either ear.

Digital Innovations SkipDoctor - $39
With its patented radial polishing process, you can give a gift that saves money by allowing them to fix and repair scratched CDs, DVDs, and video games. In minutes, an unplayable disc can be transformed to like new condition.

iRiver Mobile FM Transmitter AFT-100 - $49
Want to give someone an accessory for their MP3 player, but don't know what player they have? No worries here! The AFT-100 works with ANY portable audio device that has a headphone jack, and that's just about all of them. Best of all, it sports a really cool Blue LCD display, and can transmit to any FM station.

Panasonic RP-HC70 Noise-Cancelling Headphones - $39
Panasonic has packed in a ton of noise killing power for such a low everyday price. These are great for anyone that that would every play their MP3 player, Game Boy, or PSP in a noisy environment, and is a must for travellers.

Logitech Cordless Precision Gaming Controllers - $39(PS2) $49(XBOX)
Considered by many to be the finest third-party gaming controllers ever made, these little gems are the perfect gift for any PS2 or XBOX gamer on your list. With lag-free precision within 30 feet and 50+ hours of game time from two AA batteries, you better get used to being called "St. Nick".

Motorola Talkabout FV500R Two-Way Radio - $49
Pratical and fun to own, the Motorola FV500R is a set of GMRS/FRS two-way radios that anyone would love to own. This great set comes with two radios, NiMH rechargeable batteries, and a twin charging cradle.

Creative MuVo Micro 256MB - $49
It's an MP3 player, a voice recorder, and more! There's few things that the MuVo doesn't do well, which is no small feat for such a tiny device that sells for such a tiny price.

Back to Basics Egg & Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher - $49
For the average person, the ultimate toaster is a device that makes bread warm. But for for the gadget lover, the ultimate toaster can also poach an egg and heat up a slice of Canadian bacon. That's right, the geek that can make a classic breakfast sandwich in under 4 minutes has serious bragging rights.

Atari Flashback 2.0 - $29
Simply plug the Flashback into a TV set and play old Atari favorites like Pong, Centipede, Breakout, Missile Command, and more! The Flashback comes pre-loaded with 40 classic titles, and is sure to be a gift that anyone who loves games will enjoy.

Pick up all of these items at great prices from Buy.com

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