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What Kind of TV is the Philips 55PW9363?

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


What type of TV is Philips 55PW9363/17f? I know it is a rear projector type but have not been able to find out more.

-submitted by laguilar


The Philips 55PW9363 is a high definition-ready CRT rear-projection TV. This means that it uses three aligned cathode ray tubes to create the image of the TV, and is compatible with both analog and high definition signals (provided a high definition capable receiver is connected to the display.)

Here's what Philips considers the main product highlights:
  • Active Control™
  • APAC™ -Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation
  • Eye Fidelity™
  • Dual Tuner Picture-in-Picture
  • HD DVI and component inputs
  • Dolby®Virtual Surround - 20 Watt RMS
  • Protective screen
  • Multi-point digital convergence
If you are interested in learning more about this particular model, you can download a product information sheet by clicking here.

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Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com

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