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How To Properly Tune Your Car's Speaker Volume

Hi everyone. I thought I would post this because I hear so many people driving around that obviously don't know how to do this. When setting up your head unit(radio), the goal is to have all of your speakers playing at the same level. By this I mean you don't want one set of speakers to start distorting before the others.

The first step to this process is to disconect your subs if you have them. Then you want to turn off either your front or rear speakers. Many head units let you do this, or you can disconect the speaker wires. Then, turn up the radio untill you can just start to hear distortion out of the speakers. Make a note of the highest volume level before you heard any distortion. Now, connect another set of speakers and disconnect the set you were just listening to and repeat the process. If your fronts distorted before the rears, disconnect the rears again and use the fader to get the fronts to the same spot just before distortion occurs while at the volume you noted for the rear speakers.

You now have your speakers set evenly. They will play as loud as they can now without damaging themselves. If it is still not loud enough it is time to upgrade. If you have subs, you can disconnect all other speakers and tune them to play their loudest at the same level that you set the other speakers to. Now your radio will be able to play as loud as your speakers can handle without distortion damaging any of your speakers.

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