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One Portable MP3 Player is Still Not Enough

Every day it seems that MP3 players come out with more memory and are getting smaller and smaller. However, I continue to struggle with the fact that I still cannot live without two MP3 players.

Here's my thinking. I've now conditioned myself that while in the car, I need to have an MP3 player with all of my music on it so I can listen to anything that I want while driving. Until hard drive MP3 players become a reasonable option built into the car, at least a 40GB MP3 player that can hold most of my CDs is a necessity.

Unfortunately, 40GB hard drive MP3 players are still not easily carried around while working out. Mine often skips while running and it's awkward to hold even with a shoulder strap while lifting. So, the option that works best is a flash-based MP3 player that slips easily into running shorts and holds around 100-200 songs, such as the iPod shuffle.

We're getting closer, but the closest thing I've seen is the Cowon iAudio MP3 Player. But, it has no screen and although thin, is still pretty big.

I think in another year, this will not be an issue anymore as the technology will give me several options. We'll have to wait and see.

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