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How Do I Enlarge Text On My TV

A TechLore "Ask the Experts" Question...


I have a 27" Sylvania tv. The text scroll on the bottom screen is too small to read. How can I enlarge the text? Thanks

-submitted by Kary


I'm goint to assume you're referring to the closed caption text at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, it would be the text scroll (like the stock ticker on MSN) of a TV program, which you could get enlarged if you rally support behind you and lobby the TV station.

If it is closed captions you're interested in, you will be at the whim of what your TV supports. Every TV has a closed caption decoder, which is what transforms the CC data sent by the media and places it as text on the screen. I've never seen a CC decoder that allows you to change the size of the text, but it's worth a shot. Your TV should have a section for closed captions in the menu.

If there is nothing there to adjust the size, the only choice you have would be to get a bigger TV. I'm not aware of any third party devices that could help you with this problem. If anyone knows of one, please mention it in the discussion page below.

Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com

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