January 14, 2010 7:27 AM

There is another twist to this article regarding music storage.
I recently upgraded my 20gb hard drive player for a smart new 32gb player with built in memory.
My music collection incudes a lot of 64 kb encoded mono music files. The total number of files in my collection is 9500.
Guess what, the new player only recognises 8000 of my files, the balance of 1500 do not appear in any menu and are unplayable.I can therefore only use about 16gb of 32gb memory.
The player is a popular expensive machine and all files are properly tagged. Do other makes of players impose this limiter and why? Pehaps some sort of campaign to make us use higher quality files and use up spare memory, surely not!
I notice an ipod review state up to 7000 files for 32gb touch, I always thought this was just a guide. Creative state up to 8000 files and this appears to be a genuine limitation.