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How to Turn Any Electrical Outlet into a Phone Jack

Let's face it - there's usually never a phone jack where you need one. Whether you want phone in the living room or want to move your TiVo or ReplayTV to a television somewhere without a phone jack, wiring one in can sometimes be impossible or expensive.

You can easily forego the expense and hassle of hardwiring in a phone jack where you need one by using a wireless phone jack extender. The kit comes with two devices - a transmitter that wirelessly transmits the phone signal and a receiver which catches the signal. These devices usually range between $50 and $100, and can quickly solve your phone jack issues.

Setting one up is pretty easy. 

  1. Plug the transmitter unit into an electrical outlet near a phone jack. Since the effective range of the transmitter is about 100 feet, connect it as close as possible to the location where you want the phone jack to be.
  2. Connect a standard telephone cable from the transmitter to the phone jack. If the phone jack was in use, plug the device into the other phone jack on the transmitter.
  3. Plug the receiver into an electrical outlet near the desired location for the phone jack.
  4. Connect a standard telephone cable between the receiver and the phone or device that you want to use.
  5. Using a pen or paperclip, press the little button on the side of the transmitter module. A small light will come on.
  6. Return to the receiver module and press the little button on the side in the same way within 5 minutes.

Once complete, the units are active. Your device will be able to use the phone line just as if an outlet were there. In order to add additional wireless outlets, you only need to purchase additional receiver modules and add it to your existing transmitter using the same steps as above.

These modules can handle just about anything, and are perfect for DVRs, satellite and cable boxes, and voice calls. If you want a jack for your computer's modem, the performance may not be as good as a hardwired jack, but can get you by in a pinch.

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